Veolia Adds Defamation Claim to Its Case against PWSA

Veolia Water North America — Northeast LLC (Veolia) has taken steps today to initiate a formal arbitration proceeding against the PWSA, seeking full recovery of unpaid amounts under the parties’ contract, and additional damages resulting from the PWSA’s reckless and false statements about Veolia’s work for the Authority.

“We don’t take such a step lightly, because we work with municipalities throughout the country and view them as our partners,” said Keavin Nelson, senior vice president of operations, Veolia North America.  “But after PWSA’s unceasing attempts at blame-shifting for their errors, and their complete mischaracterization in the media of the problems at PWSA we must take steps to publicly defend our work and our reputation.  We are confident that after a full review of the facts, the arbitrator will find in our favor.”

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